Tetrogen Innovative Weight Loss Formula Review

Tetrogen Fat Loss Supplements | Formulated by World’s Leading Nutritionists with Fabulous Five Ingredients – Buy in USA, Russia, Australia, Canada, UK | Weight Loss – Slim Health Store.

Tetrogen Pills – Are you tired of Trying Weight Loss Products from Numerous Companies? Can you no more bear ‘Big Fake Claims’ about a Product’s Efficiency? If Yes, You should definitely take a glance at Tetrogen.

It encourages support for normal insulin response. This helps you to shred greater belly fat. It leads Fat to Energy Transformation. Do not worry, We have a Solution! Nutritionists have blended Natural Ingredients into Tetrogen Day and Night Supplements. These are meant to revv up your Weigth Loss Process by almost 4 Times.

Tetrogen Supplements consist of 2 different Breakthrough and Powerful Products – Tetrogen Day ( An Innovative Weight Loss Formula ) & Tetrogen Night ( Powerful Nighttime Fat Burning). These have beenformulated by Leading and Famous Nutritional Scientists. These Capsules are Clinically Proven. They not only help you to lose weight but also prevents formation of new fat in future.

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  • Tetrogen helps you to Lose Excess Body Fat.
  • It helps you achieve independence from Bloating as well as Gas Problem.
  • Secondly, it can lower your Cravings for More Food, by curtailing Emotional Eating.
  • It helps you to remain calm and optimizes your Serotonin levels.
  • It makes you Energetic by normalizing blood sugar levels.
  • It is a Metabolic Enhancer.
  • It not only helps you to maintain lean muscles but also let you to build new!
  • It encourages support for normal insulin response. This helps you to shred greater belly fat.
  • Moreover, it enable you to lead Fat to Energy Transformation.
  • It is made from 100% Natural Ingredients – No Gluten, Dairy, GMO and Soy.


  • Each Bottle lasts a Month.
  • Company is backing their Products with a 45 day money-return guarantee.
  • This Combo is available for Buyers Across the Globe and there is Free Shipping Offer applicable on USA orders.
  • Being a Scientific Formulation, the Results are Guaranteed.

Who should not Buy Tetrogen for Losing Weight?

  • You are a Lazy Person who wants to Shred those Pounds by just sitting on the Couch all Day.
  • You want to Lose Weight but you just cannot give up on those Pizzas and French Fries.
  • You are on Quest for a Magic Weight Loss Diet Secret.

Tetrogen does not need you to spend almost 10 hours at Gym, everyday. It does not want you to follow those terrible starvation diets. Pairing a healthy diet with few minutes of Exercise, this is all that you need to achieve results with Tetrogen!

Tetrogen Ingredients:

Tetrogen is a Blend of 5 Natural Ingredients. It contains the very exact dosage of each ingredient that is essential and clinically proven to maximize your weight loss.

  • CQR-300TM
    • This is a Patented alias of Cissus herb for weight loss industry.
    • It helps you to gain consistent boost in your fat burning capacity.
  • IGOb131TM Irvingia Gabonesis
    • This is an extract from Famous African Mango Fruits.
    • It targets Fat Loss by burning fat at distinct areas of your Body.
    • It optimizes your Leptin Hormone and acts as a ‘Hidden X-Factor’ for Successful Weight Loss.
  • DyglomeraTM DYG-400
    • This rare spice is a gift from Northern Cameroon.
    • It targets your Insulin ( Body’s Fat Storage Hormone).
    • Insulin Sensititvity can help one eat crazy and still not get any fat.
    • DyglomeraTM helps in boosting insulin sensitivity of organs and muscles instead of fat cells.
  • LipoFuel Timed Released Capsaican
    • As per Claims on Official Website, Tetrogen is the only supplement in the World that contains this Patented Ingredient for Weight Loss.
    • This is an Extract that makes Chillies Spicy.
    • It not only carries Thermogenesis but also enhances Cellular Metabolism.
    • Besides, it accelerates your Body’s Natural Fat Oxidation Velocity.
    • It prevents Adipogenesis which is storage of calories in body as fat.
  • Green Tea Extract
    • It is a scientifically proven weight loss ingredient. It contains 2 elements – Caffeine & EGCG.
    • Caffeine helps you to stay energetic.
    • It heats up your body and enhances metabolic rates.

Customer Opinions:

Shelly Washington from New York City, USA says,”I am so happy that I ordered this! This is the Best among the Supplements that I have tried for Weight Loss so far. I have not felt this better for a long time.”

Ally Jones from North Dakota, USA says,” This is the Best Supplement. You should not just pass this one by. It is the product that your Figure will thank you for. It is a unique way to lose weight and get freedom from those stubborn fat deposits on the waist and hips. Honestly, the results are overwhelming and they have surpassed my expectations. “

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