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Gynexol霜印度 is an Avant-garde Dermal Formula, that is Clinically Proven to skirmish effects of Gynecomastia and depreciate enlarged breast tissues in Men and Boys. This chest sculpting gel is a product by Tantrum Ltd and the official website link is

Common Story these Days!!

Gynexol霜印度 – 最近, I met John. John had been struggling with an embarrassing and uncomfortable matter i.e. moobs. Moobs are male breasts. He told me that he is not a gynecomastia patient but majority of his symptoms do coincide with it. He had been working-out for hours. 还, he just could not get rid of that fatty mass around his nipples.

但, is John alone suffering from such embarassing issue? Obviously No. Men and Boys around the world have been diagnosed with Gynecomastia or Male Boobs and India too, is not far behind in this. According to a Study, 几乎 50% of India’s Men are victims of Gynecomastia.

Hormone Imbalance can be considered a vital cause for Gynecomastia. 有时, Testosterone begins to decline in Men and its decline is corresponded by an equivalent hike in estrogen levels. Estrogen Hormone is mainly responsible for gifting Female Attributes like Breasts to the Human Body.

In simple words, Gynecomastia is not a deadly disease or something. 但, it can ruin your confidence and self-belief. Male Boobs can make you wear those heavy shirts. It can make you permanently quit activities like swimming and boxing. It can make you fed good bye to lockers rooms at gym.

Gynexol霜印度What are the Symptoms of Gynecomastia:

  • Swollen or Enlarged Breast Gland Tissues,
  • Softening of Breasts.

Gynexol霜印度 – 男性乳房发育症的原因:

  • 有时, Gynecomastia may be caused due to:
    • use of anti-androgens for treatment of prostate enlargement, prostate cancer.
    • use of anabolic steroids, AIDS medications, anti-anxiety medications, antibiotics, ulcer medications, chemotherapy, heart medications etc.
  • Addiction to Street Drugs like Marijuana, Heroin, Methadone, Amphetamines and Alcohol.
  • Health Conditions like Aging, Hyperthyroidism, Kidney Failure, 等.
  • Use of Plant oils like Lavender in Soaps, Lotion and Shampoo.

What is Gynexol Cream India?

Gynexol Cream India can be defined as a Chaste and Private approach to counter effects Gynecomastia forever. It helps one achieve Well-defined and Firm Chest and embroiders your Inner Confidence.

Gynexol Cream India Ingredients:

  • 视黄醇: famous ingredient in skin care and acne, wrinkle treatment creams,
  • 芦荟汁: protects skin against burning sensation and helps one reduce fat around the breast tissue.
  • 银杏叶提取物: it encourages synthesis of collagen and prevents skin sagging by improving blood circulation.
  • 乙氧基: Credits to its Binding properties, delivers an ideal amount of active ingredients in each application of Gynexol cream.
  • L-精氨酸: helps enhance Testosterone levels and enables better deliver of ingredients.
  • 绿茶提取物: Being a strong anti-oxidant, supports fat-burning.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate: A famous skin conditioning agent, enhances properties of other ingredients.

Usage Direction for Gynexol Cream India:

Using Gynexol Cream India to treat Male Boobs is not a Rocket-Science theory. It is very simple and easy to use. You do not need to take any pills and no changes to your diet plan are necessary. You only need to apply small amount of gynexol gel to the affected area, with your hands and lightly massage it using circular motion, once daily. We recommend using Gynexol Cream India immediately after having your shower, because it ensures highest penetration of gel.

Devin P. from Chicago, 美国说,,”I ordered my 1st Package of Gynexol Cream 5 months back. I have made a steady progress, over time. Results have taken a considerable time, but its worth the wait!”

Amrinder B. from Punjab, 印度说,,”Gynexol is a Miracle product. I brought it for my son last May, hoping it would help him reduce those male breasts before getting his Engineering Degree. The changes are not just physical, but also psychological. He is more confident and more smarter. I wish, we discovered this Male Chest Sculpting Cream before.

Where to Buy Gynexol Cream in India?

If you have taken your Decision and you want to Purchase Gynexol Cream India, We recommend you to Check the Offers on the Official Website. 是的, you will save a lot of money by purchasing in bulk and can also benefit from the 45 day money return guarantee. Currently Suppliers are shipping to almost every Indian City like Mumbai, 新德里, 班加罗尔, 海得拉巴, 加尔各答, 奈, 艾哈迈达巴德, Vishakapatnam, 普纳, 信, 斋浦尔, 勒克瑙, Kanpur, 那格浦尔, 印多尔, 詹谢普尔, Patna, Durgapur, Dhanbad, Vadodra, 昌迪加尔, 布巴内斯瓦尔, 哥印拜陀, 高知, 芒格洛尔, Vadodra, Calicut, 诺伊达, 古尔冈, Navi Mumbai, 等



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