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何です Pokemon Go??

Pokemon Go is an Amplified Mobile Game from Nintendo, Niantic and makers of Google Earth apps. It helps People virtually catch Pokemons, visiting Realistic Landmarks. The Game has successfully grabbed attention of the Masses. The total no. of daily active users are claimed to surpass those on twitter, facebook or tinder.

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アラート: ‘Pokemon Go’ あります #1 searched Query on Google, beating ‘Porn’.

No doubt, Everything on Planet Earth has its own Pros and Cons.


  • Pokemon Go helps you stay Fit,
  • encourages you to Walk,
  • helps you interact with Strangers,
  • inspires Healthy Competition between Players, Parents and even Strangers,
  • unlike other Mobile gamesPokemon Go reassures Outdoor activities.


  • Easy Distraction,
  • higher chances of injuries while playing Pokemon Go,
  • Armed Robbers might trick Potential Victims,
  • hike in Emotional Traumas.

ポケモンゴー安全性のヒント : Play Safe, Stay Safe!!

  1. Stay Attentive: As soon as you open Pokemon Go on your Smart Phone, a warning message displays ‘Pay attention to your Surroundings’. Pokemon Go increases chances of Distracted Walking. 従って, Look before crossing a street at Crosswalks and Intersections. Avoid running and getting too excited when seeing your Favorite Pokemon.
  2. Avoid Trespassing on Private Properties: Playing Pokemon Go at your Home, or at Public Places is Good. しかし, Entering Private properties might invoke Trouble!!
  3. Would you wander into a Dark Alley at 3 am normally?? いいえ. Then why do it for a Fun Engaging Game. I understand, Pokemon Go refers Landmarks and Famous Places as Poke Stops and Pokemon Gyms. しかし, Pokemon creation is random. They might appear in Backyards, close to Fences, or even inside Office Toilet. Game has no idea if visiting a place is both safe and legal, but you do!!
  4. Avoid going to Places like Railway Tracks, Dark Areas, Hospitals, Police Stations, Museums, など.
  5. Someone must know your Itinerary: はい, you are likely to visit unknown places to discover your New Pokemon. 従って, someone ( your mother, sibling, spouse, friend or girlfriend) must know about the place where you are going and at what time you will return.
  6. While Walking, Run the Game in the Background and keep a Unique notification method for Pokemon Go. 従って, if there is a Buzz in your Pocket, there is a Pokemon around. You can then stop, take out your phone and catch your Pokemon.
  7. Stay Vigilant at Night: Maintain high screen brightness. はい, you will lose your battery quicker, but also remain safe. Putting headlamps or wearing Bright Clothes is also recommended. This shall help others notice you.
  8. Play in Groups: はい, crimes have reduced in recent times. しかし, is walking alone, distracted, with an expensive Cellphone a Good idea?? いいえ. 従って, we recommend you to Move in Groups. You can take your best friend and take turns in playing. One plays while the other watches around. If you have kid with you, let him/her play and you stay alert.
  9. また, how about playing together, on different cellphones. 私は推測します, few Pokemons only appear if there are more than 1 people playing around.
  10. Walking plays a vital role in Pokemon Go. I caught an egg yesterday which needed me to walk for 5 miles, so that it could hatch. よく, good for my Health. You can definitely walk around 5 miles, in a 2 hr Pokemon Go session. 従って, we recommend you to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and rest wherever possible. また, you need to save some energy for getting back home.
  11. Maintain a Good Physical appearance: Avoid playing like a Jerk. はい, Catching Pokemon is an Innocent, Harmless fun. しかしながら, others around you won’t know this. 従って, do politely explain if someone dares to ask. また, it is not fair to visit someone’s private property in your underwear. If a random person finds you in his/her place and asks you to leave. Please leave without a fight or argument.
  12. Either Play or Drivenot both: We never Drive while Texting. そう, avoiding Pokemon Go while driving is a Good Manner. また, Pokemon Go is designed to catch Pokemons and discover Pokestops on Foot.
  13. Carry Extra Battery or Power-pack: Pokemon Go encourages risk of searching Pokemons in distant locations. 時々, you might feel lost. もちろん, Google Maps is the Ultimate companions in such situations. しかし, what if you Run out of Battery?? Carrying an Extra Battery forms a perfect solution to the problem. また, People hate it when you are forced to leave a Game incomplete due to Battery issues.
  14. Set Boundaries and Convince your Kids to remain inside those. Ask them not to move away while searching for a Pikachu.
  15. Girls, stay Alert especially at Night!! You do not want to get in trouble late night.
  16. Avoid Scams and Evil People, both Online and Offline.
  17. Do not Lose your Stuffs: 覚えています, Pokemon Gyms and Pokemon Stops are usually areas with Huge Crowds and Busy Population. 従って, it is quiet easier for thiefs to target distracted People owing Expensive Gadgets. Be careful about your Wallet, Backpack, Laptop, タブレット.
  18. Be Polite and Humble to people around you: はい, Pokemon Go encourages your communication with Strangers. しかし, never force anyone to talk to you. また, don’t go mad if a person is not interested in you. Show respect for People who are not yet familiar with the game.
  19. Stay Home: はい, staying home is still the best tip for staying safe. I am not sure if this possible. しかし, you can use a spoofing hack to fake your location. Or you can use some incense or food which attracts your Pokemon towards you.
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